Besty Besty - Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager

The product comes with the brand’s unique Foot Vibe Pro technology. This technology combines powerful vibration settings with infrared and heat in order to give you more benefits than some of the simpler options on the market that would simply vibrate underneath your feet. The product is promoted as a way to alleviate pain, to speed up healing, to boost blood circulation, and more. You can also use this device on your calves, your thighs, and even your hands.

Oatmeal Baby Bath

Is your baby experiencing skin irritations? Try this homemade oatmeal baby bath recipe | It’s common for babies to get skin irritations such as diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, and baby acne. A soothing homemade oatmeal baby bath will provide your baby with some relaxing relief.

EWG Verified Products For a Non-Toxic Personal Care & Beauty Routine

EWG Verified certification assures products are completely transparent about ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. Learn which personal care and beauty products and brands are EWG Verified - including baby products, hair care, bath and body, makeup and more. |